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The Chesapeake Bayfront - Protecting Shore Drive's Legacy

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Come Join Us!......for a Walking Tour of one of the Most Beautiful and Last Remaining Open Space, Wooded-Wetlands at the Chesapeake Bayfront along Virginia Beach's Shore Drive. 


This area is one of the last remaining, natural, open space wetlands at the Chesapeake Bayfront and it is about to be destroyed and lost forever after excavation, bulk-heading and then burial underneath of up to 7-10 feet of development landfill. This will kill and displace every single living species of wildlife, migratory bird, and marine-aquatic life within the RMA & RPA protected buffers that are spread all along and throughout the 70 acres of wooded-wetland within this estuarine watershed refuge.


This area lies along Shore Drive and Marlin Bay Drive. It is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and natural coastal areas at the Chesapeake Bayfront that has not been lost. It is home and refuge to numerous wildlife including: foxes, migratory birds, herons, hawks, owls, turtles, mussels, oysters, and a variety of fish in the outlying tidal water of the creek and Lynnhaven River watershed and Chesapeake beach areas.


This wooded-wetland area is as equally beautiful and naturally pristine as our First Landing-Seashore State Park and Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge as you will soon see!  AND.... it is the LAST such area remaining in this narrow Bayfront-Beach corridor. This open space, wetland has been, for over 3 years, the #1 area cited by the city to aquire and preserve within the Comprehensive Plan because of its natural beauty, and importance to the community living within the Bayfront corridor.



VICTORY!! In its first review and vote, the Wetlands Board DENIED permit for the proposed development refusing to accept the "destruction of wetlands for profit". Thank you to everyone who has been involved and will join us in the future!


VMRC's own staff report rejects the appeal-argument by applicant-developer as an advisory recc.- June 25th, 2007


VMRC (Commission/Bowman) re-called the"play" and referee'd their own call giving this one to the other team based on what they believed to be public benefit and worthwhile wetlands.....Stay Tuned for More.


VICTORY! Thank you VA Beach City Council who decided that VMRC's decision was improper, violates their own regulations and has appealed to the Circuit Court to reinstate the Wetlands decision.


DEQ has issued a public notice for review of a draft permit for this project and is seeking public opinion. An open public meeting that was scheduled at DEQ's office in Richmond for July 28th has now been moved to October 2008. This was due to the tremendous amount of opponent information and factual evidence submitted against this project that must now be reviewed


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, DCR/Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance/Authority (a Commonwealth of VA State Agency), and LynnhavenRiverNOW have all stated a complete rejection of this project given its violation of current law and most certain impact to the watershed and it's natural resources. Essentially, they have not "fully" avoided and minimized destruction (federal law) claiming their project's size is neccessary.


DEQ has now received a request from the developer to defer the hearing-review until an unknown date. It appears that the evidence against the project is now overwhelming


Army Corps of Engineers has issued a Request for Public Comment (deadline: Jan 16, 2009) for  Indigo Dunes, CENAO-REG NAO-2006-8285 (VMRC 06-V2601)  Please be sure to send your email-letter to them at


SUCCESS!! It's over. Indigo Dunes has died a final death after objection, obstruction and refusal of a local community to lay down and see the laws of the bayfront and wetland areas bulldozed over.


We are greatful that the city has decided to enter into a plan with the community, local conservation projects and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to begin formally aquiring this land area for restoration and preservation. The beautiful new Brock Center at the preserved Please House Point Natural park area is a testament to what a community can do together. Thank you City of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay Foundation and all other key people involved in this!


Thank you to everyone and praise God!




Click here to See Virginia's DCR/ChesBayLocalAssistance Website OBJECTIVES


Click Here for The Wetland Walking Tour

These are the members of the VB city council. In order that city officials can see the level of opposition to this project and it's complete destruction of the last, open wooded-wetland area at the Bayfront, they will need to hear many voices. We thank you for your support.

EMAIL Kathryn Edgar, USACE and tell them you OBJECT to this project proposal because of what it will do the Bayfront community and our resources!! DONT LET THIS HAPPEN.

SIGN Petition to DENY The Single Greatest Threat to the Chesapeake Bayfront >>>>>


Thanks for dropping by and taking a walk thru one of the last beach-wetlands at the Bayfront!