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The Chesapeake Bayfront - Protecting Shore Drive's Legacy

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A Wetland Walking Tour


This wetland area is filled with wildlife and marine-aquatic organisms and plant life. It is a valuable estuary and breeding ground for everything from oysters and flounders to herons, migratory birds and a range of other life forms that live here. This is a natural ecosystem and it is one of the most endangered types of areas within the eastern coastal regions of the Chesapeake Bay.   It is in danger for one reason only: developments like Indigo Dunes


Above you will see the area that we are about to tour. It is the 70 acres of wooded-wetland and beach areas at the mouth of the Lynnhaven River and Chesapeake Bay that began its life in the early 1970's as a sand removal site from the dredging of the Lynnhaven River (just like the Chesapeake Beach receives dredged sand) However, this area has across 25 undisturbed years thru the action of natural forces of wind, tidal water flow and rain, colonized and established itself into a traditional wetland. It is, in fact, the last of its kind at the Chesapeake Bayfront. Notice the blue markings that outline RPA wetland buffer areas that are protected by the laws & ordinances of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act of 1991 and from which 100 ft. back extend the most sensitive wetland areas under lawful protection from disturbance. The deveoper has in fact asked for a release from these laws due to hardship (wanting to build across and directly on these protected wetland areas in order to maxmize density and profit)


Below, you will see what the Indigo Dunes project is proposing after a base of

7-10 feet high landfill has been dumped and graded to cover every inch of this area and its inland tidal waters as fill for foundation. This will effectively destroy every single tree and form of vegetation that has been 1) a refuge for wildlife and 2) a large natural filter buffering the wetland waters from drainage and run-off. It will kill every single wildlife animal and bird living in this refuge area as well as nearby marine and aquatic life (crabs, oysters, mussels) that live in the tidal marsh and inlets.


The results will not be fully realized until it is far too late, no matter what the "experts" are saying now. There WILL be a net load increase in pollution, irregardless of the claims made that there will be "minimal to no" impact with the use of "mitigation" methods. (And how or who will measure that 5 years from now, and then do what to fix?


The devastation will be permanent and costly. Its full impact will not be seen until at least 5-7 years out. This is an average estimate of time taken for environmental damage to reach its full impact on the river and adjacent areas once all original vegetation and root systems have been destroyed along with the surrounding animal and marine-aquatic life. Essentially, an entire ecosystem will be removed. The paid for study "experts" in fact have little to no idea what it's real impact will be, apart from the actual and eventual truth: devastating. 


Numerous studies, advisory groups, citizens and other personnel have consistently told the city the same thing: 1) preserve your open, natural green space in the Shore Drive corridor and 2) manage/restrict any further density-development in the corridor to protect the integrity of the Chesapeake Bayfront and the safety of it's community.


What is it going to take? Now is the time to take a stand!



This project will be the last installment of complete devastation to the Chesapeake Bayfront-Shore drive area and the natural wetland-beach areas remaining. The consequences will be horrific, not only due to the complete destruction of a protected wetland area and its wildlife, but as a precedent trend  for developers requesting variances to wetland protection laws in order to "strip-mine" our natural resources at the Bayfront   Our community will be cheated as the Bayfront enters its final phase of degradation. And for what purpose?- more plastic condos and duplexes, overly-dense population numbers that cannot be supported by transit-road systems or local services? The time has come to say enough is enough. Too much has been lost already, that includes the highest price yet >> citizen deaths due to road and density conditions all along a corridor that has been poorly managed and over-developed for more than five 5 years. You can do something though.
Please consider taking a stand as you walk thru this tour and see what will be lost, forever.


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